Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Views & How Do I Use Them To Advertise My Sites?
One view is worth one other member seeing your site once. What we do is when you view other peoples sites in our view bar (Surfing) we reward you with a part of or a whole view depending on membership. These views can then get your site seen by others.

How Do I View Sites/Surf?
Simply click the view sites link on the members area menu and view the site shown until the counter counts down. When the counter has counted down you will see images, Click the one inside the box that matches the one to the left of the box and you will progress to the next site to view and this is how you collect views. Keep doing this for however long you wish to stack up those views to assign to your sites.

I Am Surfing But My Views Are Not Increasing, Why?
You may have a percentage of your views auto assigned to your sites. If you was to set auto assign to 100% all views would auto be added to your sites and show them in rotation instead of going to your views balance.

I Have Views But My Sites Are Not Getting Seen, Why?
You need to assign the views to your sites. (Click Your Websites in the menu) You can assign however many views to each site that you wish. (Must be a whole number) Each view assigned means your site will be shown once to another surfer.

I Have Forgot My Password?
You can request your password or password change by using the forgot password page. Linked from the login page. Your passwords are encrypted so we are unable to give it to you so if the system mail does not find its way to you then you can request by support ticket that we reset it to one of our choice and you can change it when logging in.

I Am Not Getting Emails / Verification Emails From Just Good Traffic?
You can use the resend page. Link to this can also be found on the login page. This will resend the email confirmation link to you. Sadly all our system can do is send out the link. If you do not get it then it will be down to your email service provider blocking our emails. You can whitelist us as this normally solves it. If after whitelisting you still do not get emails from us then you will need to use a different email.

How Much Is It To Join?
Just Good Traffic is free to join and use. We make our money from advertising.

How Can I Contact You For Support?
We are easily reachable using our support ticket system. See the support link in the page footers and also in the members menu. We aim to get back to you ASAP normally within 12 hours.

Can I Earn Money With Your Site?
Not directly as we are a website advertising service. You can however use the advertising to promote your sites or affiliate links that may in turn make you money.

How Can I Cancel My Account If I Do Not Like It?
Inside you can simply click on your profile/details page found in the members menu and you will find a delete account button. This will instantly remove your account and stop all emails from us. Please note this action is final we do not hold any information after you delete your account so we are unable to get your account back.

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